Property Values not populated (empty) for Users causing provisioning errors.


Properties on blueprint component that are not flagged as "shown in request" do not populate values for roles of Business Group 'Users' or Business Group 'Shared Access.'  This can cause downstream issues in provisioning as there a dependencies on Property Values for configurations.

Note: This impacts SovLabs configurations adversely because many are driven by logic dependent on Property Values. 


This issue has been positively identified as a vRA bug and not SovLabs product.
This was caused by a custom property that had been added to the blueprint and the option to "show in request" was set to false. When that field gets added to a custom form, the required constraint is set to "no" by default. While this works for Business Group managers, it doesn't work for Business Group users. This is clearly a bug in vRA.

Affected Versions

  • vRA 7.4 (not fixed up to HF12)

  • vRA 7.5

Workaround or Solution


In order to workaround the issue until a known VMware fix is provided; perform the following steps. Either (Update the Property on the blueprint) or (Add the User(s) to Support Role)

Note: You can choose either option #1 or #2. Both will work-around the bug.

Update the Property on the blueprint

  1. In vRA, navigate to Design > Blueprints > Edit the blueprint in question.
  2. Click on the Gear icon for the blueprint level, navigate to custom properties, and check the box for "Show in request" on the Property not populating. (see Screenshot)


Add User(s) to Support Role with the Business Group

  1. Logged in a user with Appropriate permissions, In vRA navigate to Administration > User & Groups > Business Groups > Business Group Name.

On the "Members" tab, add the User ID's or the Groups ID's that are provisioning to the "Support" Role. Additional information

Additional information

See VMware hotfixes:

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