Infoblox creates duplicate IP/A records for a new/existing server


When you have a new vRA deployment but you have many servers that are not imported or managed by that new vRA instance. When you build a server and it has the same name as an existing server it will build the server without error and add ipam/dns entries into Infoblox creating a duplicate of an existing server.


This happens when your vRO server can not resolve a DNS name using our naming standard.


  • You are building a server called myserver.mydomain1.local
  • You already have an unmanaged vm that is called myserver.mydomain2.local
  • When vRO tries to resolve the host name it looks for just the name (myserver) and not the FQDN
  • vRO does not resolve the name of the server and continues with the build

Please be aware that making these changes will mean you have to manually manage your vRO servers resolv.conf file. 

Affected Versions

  • All



The below is a workaround and should only be implemented if absolutely necessary.  

Update your resolv.conf file on your vRO server/s

  1. ssh to your vRO server and type vi /etc/resolve.conf

  2. Add your domain entries as required (See image for example)

  3. Save the changes to your file.  You should be able to test resolving the VM by name now and see if it comes back with the other domains.

Additional information

Please be aware that if you run into this specific issue there is the potential that if the build fails that it will reverse the deployment and delete the previously existing entries.

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