ServiceNOW Connector failures (unexpected token e) error


During the initial configuration of ServiceNow Connector to the vRO server you may have a lack of functionality of the product and see a similar error in vRO logs: "Unexpected token e".  This could be present in the vRO workflows under the SovLabs > ServiceNow Connector folder in the vRO client. Specifically in either the "Create SovLabs_ServiceNow_Host" or the "Request vRA Catalog Item" workflows. 


The cause is due to the SovLabs Connector Update Set version being higher than the SovLabs plugin version in vRO. There is a dependency on the call made from the MID Server ECC Queue to the expected inputs to the vRO workflows.  The Update Set version should always be equal to or less than the vRO plugin version to avoid the above translation issues.

Affected Versions

  • This effects all ServiceNOW Connector versions

Workaround or Solution


Solution is to ensure that the SovLabs Connector version is the same as or below the SovLabs vRO plugin installed on the target vRO instance.

Determine latest deployed Update Set of SovLabs Connector in ServiceNOW

  1. Login into ServiceNow Instance
  2. Navigate to Local Update Sets.
  3. Determine the highest version applied to the environment.

Determine the version of the SovLabs plugin installed in vRO.

  1. Browse to the Control Center for the vRO instance.  ([URL:PORT}/vco-controlcenter/config/login.html)
  2. Navigate to "Manage Plug-Ins"
  3. Note the version number of the SovLabs plugin installed.

Remediate if the ServiceNow Update Set is newer than the vRO plugin

  1. Install a newer version of the vRO plugin.
  2. Follow standard Upgrade process here:

Additional information

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