Red Hat Satellite registration fails on RHEL 8 clients


When using the Red Hat Satellite module to register your RHEL 8 VM in RedHat Satellite you see an error similar to the below in the Satellite machineProvisioned workflow.

[2020-04-08 09:45:41.627] [I] executing:katello-package-upload
[2020-04-08 09:45:41.681] [I] RemoterResponse{exitCode=127, stdout='', stderr='bash: katello-package-upload: command not found
[2020-04-08 09:45:41.682] [I] katello-package-upload returned:127
[2020-04-08 09:45:41.683] [E] SatelliteManager--ERROR:
java.lang.Exception: Non-zero exit code. katello-package-upload. Exit code:127; stdErr:bash: katello-package-upload: command not found
; stdOut:

The vRA deployment will fail with a similar error to:


According to RedHat's support site,  the RHEL 8 katello-host-tools package no longer includes the /sbin/katello-package-upload utility.  The functionality is now built into subscription manager for RHEL 8.   Engineering is aware of this and is working on a fix for a future SovLabs release.

The article is here and requires a valid login to

Affected Versions

  • All SovLabs versions


Until a permanent fix is made to the SovLabs module, there are a couple of ways to work around this.  Please raise a support request through the support portal to discuss the best option for your environment.

Additional information

Sovlabs Red Hat Satellite :

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