Change Backup Job (Veeam) empty backup jobs list


When you try to change the Veeam backup job on a VM in vRA using the Change Backup Job (Veeam) Day 2 action, you are presented with an empty list of Backup Jobs.

What you currently see:

What you should see:


We have found that if you are using Veeam Backup copy jobs that reference backup jobs it processes the list as empty. This configuration is valid and acceptable however our module does not recognize the the backup job as a valid entry and expects to see a VM or a vSphere Tag

Affected Versions

  • SovLabs BaaS Veeam module 2018.x.x
  • SovLabs BaaS Veeam module 2019.x.x



To have the list of backup jobs populate correctly, we recommend adding a dummy vSphere Tag to your backup copy job. This will return the tag and show the list of items for your backup copy jobs as being populated and will allow the Change Backup Job (Veeam) to populate the list.

Please keep an eye on our Release notes HERE for updates or stay in touch with your account manager.

Additional information

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