Remoter related issues/errors after upgrading to SovLabs Module 2019.14.0


Customer has upgraded to SovLabs Module 2019.14.0 or 2019.16.0. Post upgrade, they start to see remoter related errors such as: 

  • Cannot send message errors
  • Certificate Path mismatch errors
  • CXF Errors
Example Error Message
[E] <Microsoft> addDNS ERROR : Error adding DNS. Could not send Message. ************* STACKTRACE ************* Could not send Message.
Caused by: IOException invoking The https URL hostname does not match the Common Name (CN) on
the server certificate in the client's truststore. Make sure server certificate is correct, or to disable this check (NOT recommended for production) set the
CXF client TLS configuration property "disableCNCheck" to true.


The issue is due to code changes made to the 2019.14.0 plugin. These changes introduced strict certificate path checking which affected some client environments.

Affected Versions

  • SovLabs Module Plugin 2019.14.0 and 2019.16.0

Workaround or Solution


The solution is to install SovLabs Module plugin version 2019.18.0 or above. 

Additional information

SovLabs Module Release Notes :

Download Links : Get SovLabs Plug-in Download Link

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