VMTools Connection Reset


When utilizing the Sovlabs VMTools connection to a Microsoft Endpoint, the action to create/modify/delete Microsoft IPAM, DNS, or Active Directory objects fails. The vRO workflow logs show an entry of the following...

vRO Debug Log
<Remoter> java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out (Connection timed out)


The VMTools connection relies on connectivity over port 443 between the vRO node to the target ESXi host that the Microsoft Endpoint is running on. If the port fails to establish a connection, the workflow will hang for a small period of time and then fail.

Affected Versions

  • Sovlabs Plugin 2018.x+



Confirm that there is port connectivity between the vRO node(s) and the target ESXi host.

Run the Telnet Test workflow to test connectivity

  1. In the vRO Java Client, search for the Telnet Test workflow or locate it in Sovlabs>vRA Utilities>Networking
    1. This workflow was added as of Sovlabs Plugin Version 2019.24. For all older versions, you can download the workflow and import manually into your vRO environment - (Telnet Test.zip)
  2. Run the workflow and insert the target FQDN or IP address along with the port to test

  3. Confirm in the logs of the workflow token that it indicates the connectivity is successful

Additional information

For additional support, please submit a support request at https://support.sovlabs.com.

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