Snapshot Notification Failing to send using the ownerNameEmail property


The Sovlabs Snapshot scheduler fails to send the automated email notifying the user of warning and deletion states. The workflow token logs show an error similar to the below...

NotificatonSender.sendMailMessage() encountered errors : Message:No recipient addresses; Localized:No recipient addresses


The Sovlabs Snapshot module only allows the following properties to be inserted for the Snapshot Notification Configuration when attempting to use dynamic contact email addresses.

VM_OWNERUsername of VM owner
VM_OWNER_EMAILEmail address of VM owner (if configured in vRA)
cafeCSPSupportEmailSupport role user(s) configured on the business group
cafeCSPSubtenantManagerEmailManager role user(s) configured on the business group
cafeCSPConsumerEmailConsumer role user(s) configured on the business group

Affected Versions

  • vRA 7.x

  • Sovlabs Plugin (All Versions)



Replace/use the above properties in the snapshot notification group.

Create/Modify the Notification Email Group

  1. Navigate to the vRA Catalog and select the Manage Notification Email Group Configuration catalog item
  2. Create or Update the group that will be assigned to the Snapshot Notification Configuration with the fields from above

  3. Submit and apply this group to a new or existing Notification Group

Additional information

For additional questions, please refer to the Notification Documentation located here.

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