BlueCat DNS Module - BlueCat throws a 500 Internal Server Error when deploying DNS record


When the vRO workflow DNS MachineBuilding attempts to add a DNS record, the workflow fails, and the log contains something like this:

item: 'DNS machineBuilding/item13', state: 'failed', business state: 'null', exception: 'Unable to add DNS entry to bluecat8 : InternalError: 500 : Internal Server Error

BlueCat's API throws the 500 Internal Server error for multiple errors.


There are 2 possible causes

1.  Bad credentials - check the credentials in the Item in vRA for your BlueCat Endpoint. 

2.  Quick Deploys allowance exceeded

  • To check if this is the problem,
  • Go to DNS, and click Actions, and choose Quick Deploy
  • If this action displays an error that says the number of Quick Deploys has exceeded the allowed number, force a full deploy, and then try again.

Affected Versions

  • Sovlabs Bluecat Module using Blueat v8.x

Workaround or Solution


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Check the credentials

  1. Check and confirm the credentials being used for the SovLabs Bluecat Endpoint to ensure they have the appropriate permissions
    1. See the least permission sets (here)

Force a full deploy

  1. To force a full deploy, go to the Servers tab, select the appropriate Configuration as needed, then select the target bluecat server.

  2. Click the Action drop down and select Deploy

  3. In the next screen check the Force DNS Full Deployment checkbox and hit the Yes button.

Additional information

For additional information on the Bluecat DNS module, see our latest docs at

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