Generate a License report using vRA Usage Reporting workflow

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SovLabs uses the vRA Usage Reporting workflow to accurately gather the number of ESXi Hosts, CPUs and Virtual Machines that are being managed by vRA for billing and licensing purposes. 

This is a quick guide to installing and running the vRA Usage Report workflow. 


The user is expected to have access to the vRO server connected their vRA instance.  If the SovLabs plugin you're using is older than 2019.14.0, you will also need the user account to have permissions to install vRO packages.


SovLabs Plug-in 2019.14.0 or newer - locate the workflow

  1. The workflow is packaged in the SovLabs Plug-in.

  2. You can find it in the vRO Client's Workflow Tab in the  SovLabs > Reporting folder.  The workflow is named vRA Usage Report

    Skip to Generate Report section if your plugin is version 2019.14.0 or greater

SovLabs Plug-in prior to 2019.14.0 - install the workflow

  1. Get the package file from your account manager.
  2. Login to vRO instance

  3. Navigate to the Packages tab (Design View Dropdown > Packages Tab) and click Import package
  4. Navigate to the Package and click Open.
  5. Click "Import Once" or "Import and Trust provider" when prompted. 
  6. Check the box against the workflow and Click "Import Selected elements"

  7. The workflow is now ready for use. 

Generate a License Report

  1. Start the workflow and enter the relevant information in the fields then click “Next”.
  2. Select your vRA IaaS Endpoint and click the Submit button
  3.  For generating a License report, you can select the License Report option and click Submit.  If you wish to see a detailed output of the report, you can run with the License Report and Details option.  This workflow is non destructive and can be run multiple times.  It also does not automatically upload results.

  4. Click the blue arrow and choose a location to save the file.

    The report will be in the folder where you chose to save the file.
  5. Attach the resulting file in an email to your account manager who requested the License report.

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