Provisioning failure with vCenter credentials using special characters in password


Provisioning to a vCenter Endpoint using a secure password with special characters such as (@, %, $) fails. 


This was a known issue with vCenter 6.5 which was rectified at Build 9451637 of vCenter 6.5. (See Additional information for vCenter 6.5 U2c release notes)

An example of a failure log would be similar to below, please note the logs regarding the pscController connection and an immediate failure.

vRealize Orchestrator Workflow Log

timestamp ] [D] Loading vc client 6timestamp ] [D] pscUrl https://vcenter.demo.local/lookupservice/sdk

timestamp ] [D] pscController.getSsoUrl https://vcenter.demo.local/sts/STSService/demo.local

timestamp ] [I] Response: ({exitCode:null, stderr:null, stdout:null})

Affected Versions

  • vRealize Automation 7.x
  • vCenter 6.5

Workaround or Solution


Suggested workaround is to either upgrade vCenter to Build 9451637 or change the password used for the SovLabs vCenter Endpoint Credential to one that does not contain the special characters.

Additional information

If you still experience any issues post workaround please open a new SovLabs Support ticket by clicking here.

vCenter 6.5 U2c Release Notes :

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