Property Toolkit - Fabric Administrator Update - Step 1.5

Update to - Add Step 1.5

Configure Roles and Permissions in vRA

Grant necessary roles and permissions to vRA Fabric Group(s)

vRA ConsoleGrant necessary roles and permissions to custom group (e.g. sov_admins)


1. Login to the vRA’s base URL: https://[vRA-FQDN]/vcac

  • User: administrator and Domain: vsphere.local

2. Click on the Infrastructure tab and click on Endpoint>Fabric Groups

3. Click on the Fabric Group(s)

4. Add the vRA Custom Group into Fabric administrators

  • Type in the vRA Custom Group name (e.g. sov_admins) into the search field for Fabric administrators
  • Hit Enter
  • Select the vRA Custom Group name (e.g. sov_admins) to pull it down into the list of Fabric administrators
  • Click Finish

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