vRO Telnet Test


SovLabs has provided a tool to test your telnet connections from vRO.  This comes in handy when trouble shooting connectivity from vRO to endpoints such as ESXi hosts for connectivity, Windows servers and Linux servers.


  • Must have licensed a SovLabs Module
  • Telnet tester is only available as part of the SovLabs package


Log into vRO legacy client

  1. In the legacy client, in workflows, browse to SovLabs → vRA Utilities → Networking → Telnet Test

  2. Right click Telnet Test and select Start Workflow

  3. In the pop up, in Target FQDN or IP enter the ESXi / Windows / Linux FQDN or IP address, and in the Target Port enter the port you want to test against and click Submit.

  4. In the logs you will see the results. If it is successful you should see successful in the message and the run should only take a few seconds to complete
  5. If you have a failure you will see a message similar to this and it may take a minute or so to time out

Additional information

SovLabs Modules : http://docs.sovlabs.com/latest/vmware-vra7x-plugin/modules/
SovLabs Getting Started : http://docs.sovlabs.com/latest/vmware-vra7x-plugin/getting-started/

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