Veeam - Onboard existing VM's into the SovLabs Veeam module


You have installed the SovLabs Veeam module into an existing environment and you want to add a backup job to an existing VM or you want to be able to utilize the SovLabs Veeam day 2 actions that are now available to you.

We will go through the steps required to bring those VM's into a managed state and allow you to use the SovLabs Veeam day 2 actions on those existing VM's.


  • Have licensed the SovLabs Veeam module
  • Have existing VM's that are 
    • A member of a backup job already
    • Need to be added to a backup job
  • Have configured your Veeam module ready for use
  • Have captured the SovLabs_VeeamBackupProfile value you wish to use (This is in the property group named similar to SovLabs-VeeamBackupProfile-<Tenant>_<Profile Name>


Adding the Veeam property to your VM

NOTE: Please note that we allow a maximum of 100 VMs to be updated at once. 

  1. From your vRA catalog (1), search for "manage vm properties" (2) and then click on Request (3)

  2. If you plan on updating up to a maximum of 100 VMs at once, change the Max # of VMs and Business Groups (1) section to the appropriate number.  
    You can optionally filter by your business group (2),and /or by the host name (3) (Recommended to do this IF you have a large number of VMs to filter through and need to reduce the amount to below the 100 VM threshold)
    and you can also filter based on values in the VM (3) (Recommended if you have a large number of VMs and you need to filter to less than the 100 VM threshold)

  3. In the Selected VMs, click on your VM (1) and click the right arrow to move the VM to the right (2)

    NOTE:  If you want to update the value on more than one VM, Please select them in this area.  This will be limited to 100 VMs at a time

  4. Click on Next

  5. In the Action drop down, select Create New Property

  6. In property name , enter SovLabs_VeeamBackupProfile and in property value enter the name of the Veeam Profile you wish to use

  7. Click on Submit

  8. Once completed you will have the Veeam property on the VM.

NOTE:  If you already have the VM in the Veeam backup job, you will be able to perform your day 2 actions on this VM from your vRA console

Adding an existing VM to a backup job

If you have existing VMs that are not a part of a backup job, you can execute the day 2 action of Change Backups jobs to add the VM to the appropriate backup job once you have added the backup property to the machine.  If your machine is already a part of an existing job, you will find that running the following should show you the job the VM is currently a member of.

NOTE:  This process can only be done on individual machines.  Alternatively, it may be faster for your Veeam Administrator to add the machines manually into the appropriate jobs.

  1. In vRA under Deployments (1) locate your VM and click on the deployment name (2)

  2. On the gear next to the VM name (1) click the drop down. Then select Change Backup Jobs (Veeam) (2)

  3. From the Backup Jobs, Select the Veeam job you wish to add this VM (1) to and click the right arrow (2).

  4. Click on Submit

  5. This VM will now be added to your nominated Veeam backup job and all associated Day 2 actions will be available.

Additional information

SovLabs Veeam module :

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