Veeam - Create a VeeamZIP backup of your VM


We will walk through how to create a VeeamZIP backup of your VM through the vRA console


  • You have a licensed Veeam installation (see additional information for links for compatibility)
  • You have configured at least one Backup Repository in Veeam where Veeam ZIP backups will be stored.  
    • *See Veeam Documentation for instructions on how to create a Backup Repository.
  • You have already installed and configured the SovLabs Plugin and you have a valid licence for the SovLabs Veeam BAAS module
  • Have configured a Veeam BEM Endpoint (see Additional information)
  • Have configured a VeeamZIP Profile (see Additional information)


Running Instant backup (VeeamZIP) from vRA 7.5 and above

  1. From your deployments tab (1), filter Machine (2) and click on the VM (3) you wish to Backup

  2. From under the VM components, click on the VM Name

  3. Click on Actions

  4. Click on Instant Backup (VeeamZIP)

  5. In the Instant Backup (VeeamZIP) window, Select the appropriate BEM endpoint and VeeamZIP Profile you wish to use form the drop down

  6. Click on Submit

  7. If you look through the history of your VM you will see the Instant Backup (VeeamZIP) is running

  8. From your Veeam Backup and Replication Console you will be able to find the machine and see the once off backup has run

Additional information

SovLabs Veeam end user guide :

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