Ansible Tower - Day 2 Operations


In this article, we will go through how to execute an Ansible Tower template on an already deployed virtual machine. 


  • Have licensed and configured the Ansible Tower module
    NOTE:  The Ansible Tower CM Framework plugin (ATCMF) Does not contain the Day 2 workflow

  • Have VMs deployed you want to run this against


  • If using Static Inventory
    • VM must have been deployed with an Ansible Tower property group and Day 1 actions
  • If using Dynamic Inventory
    • Ensure the VM has been dynamically added into the inventory prior to running day 2 operations
  • Day 2 operations must be in the same inventory as the original deployment
  • Not having the machine in the inventory will result in our workflow executing and running without error but the Ansible Tower job failing with a message similar to

  • The user performing the action must have the appropriate entitlement granted for this to work


Execute the Ansible job for a deployed VM

  1. From your deployment tab in vRA, locate the VM you want to run a playbook on and click on the deployment name

  2. From the Component List, Click on the server name and then the Cog next to the name (1), then click on Execute Ansible Tower Job Template (2)

  3. Select the Ansible Tower Endpoint

  4. Optionally you can Filter projects by team and/or by projects. I will filter by Projects

  5. You can choose a job template from the list or enter the template name.  I will select a template from the list and click the arrow to move it for deployment

  6. Set Extra Vars if/as required

  7. Click on Submit

  8. In your deployments you will now see Execute Ansible Job Template running against your VM

  9. You will see in Ansible Tower your job will run.  

Additional information

SovLabs Ansible Tower Module :

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