Rubrik - Account Setup


It may not be desirable to provide full rights to your infrastructure. This article will provide the steps required to provide the least amount of permissions to ensure full functionality of our module


  • Have licensed Rubrik

  • Have configured all the backup jobs you require

  • Have installed and license the Rubrik module from SovLabs

  • Have account/s created ready for Rubrik Access

Due to the limited RBAC roles available in Rubrik you will have to assign administration rights to your service account.  The End User role will only provide backup operator rights which allows for file/folder restore capabilities but not the full capabilities of the SovLabs Rubrik module.


Account rights assignment

  1. Once logged into your Rubrik console, click on the gear in the top right corner

  2. In the pop out menu, under Access Management click on Users

  3. To add a Active Directory service account , click on Grant Authorization

  4. On the pop out screen, under directory drop down and select your domain (1), In the Search by Name, type in the service account name (2), Place a check next to the service account you wish to add (3) and then click on Continue (4)

  5. On the next scree, place a check next to Administrator (1) and then click Assign (2)

  6. You will now see the service account has Administrator rights to Rubrik

  7. Now you can use your service account in vRA and configure your Rubrik module (See additional information for Rubrik module configuration)

Additional information

SovLabs Rubrik Module :

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