Veeam - Account Setup


It may not be desirable to provide full rights to your infrastructure. This article will provide the steps required to provide the least amount of permissions to ensure full functionality of our module


  • Have licensed Veeam Enterprise Manager
  • Have configured all the backup jobs you require
  • Have installed and license the Veeam module from SovLabs
  • Have account/s created ready for Veeam Access


Account rights assignment

NOTE:  Veeam as of version 9.5 Update 4 does not allow the creation of custom roles so we are limited to the available roles within the Veeam Manager.

  1. Once logged into your Veeam Console, click on Configuration

  2. On the left side, click on Roles

  3. Click on Add at the top

  4. In this example we will add a User account and not a group
    (1) Account Type : User
    (2) Account: <Usually your AD Defined service account being domain\username
    (3) Role: Portal Administrator
    (4) Click on OK

  5. You have now added the user/group to your Veeam backup 

NOTE:  Veeam currently does not have any granular rights management and the roles are limited. Portal Administrator is the only current roles available that allows full functionality of the SovLabs module.

Additional information

SovLabs Veeam Module :

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