Men and Mice - Account Setup


To improve security and stability of an environment, an account with minimal privileges should be used to integrate the Sovlabs vRealize Automation module with other systems.


You have a requirement to use a service account that does not have unrestricted/full administrator access into the Men and Mice IPAM/DNS infrastructure.


Create a New Role

  1. In the Men and Mice console, you have to create a new role with Web Interface Permission.
  2. Create a Role with a suitable name | Example: SovLabs_Access
  3. In Tools → Global Access.  You must add the following permissions to this role
    1. Access to the web interface

Add your account to the following roles

  1. Your least privilege Role you created example:  SovLabs_Access
  2. For IPAM Management
    1. IPAM Administrators (built-in) role
  3. For DNS Management
    1. DNS Administrator (built-in) role

Additional information

SovLabs Men and Mice :

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