SovLabs DNS - Disabling DNS for additional IP Address reservations


In this how to we will show you how to use the SovLabs_DisableDNS feature to disable DNS on additional IP Address reservations ONLY.


  • SovLabs IPAM/DNS Modules 2020.6.0 and above


Disabling DNS for an additional IP Reservation

  1. In your blueprint, click on Properties (1), Custom Properties (2) and click on New (3)

  2. In the Name , enter SovLabs_DisableDNS_<IPRESERVATIONNAME>. 
    In this example I have an additional IP Reservation/s of ExtraIP1, ExtraIP2, ExtraIP3.  So I will type SovLabs_DisableDNS_ExtraIP1 (1)
    Set the value to true (2) and click OK (3)

  3. Repeat for any other IP reservations that you also wish to disable DNS for then click on Finish on your Blueprint

  4. Deploy your blueprint and review your DNS workflow in vRO to confirm that you see the following 

    [2020-03-30 15:43:14.107] [W] dnsSkipped : Property SovLabs_DisableDNS_ExtraIP1('true') directs DNS to skip on nic/label ExtraIP1
    [2020-03-30 15:43:14.109] [W] validateDNSAdded : dns skipped for this nic/interface. (ExtraIP1) Validation was not performed.

Additional information

SovLabs IPAM/DNS Configuration Documents :

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