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In this how to, we will cover how to create a notification on a blueprint that will email the owner one notification with a specific set of information whilst emailing a technical team (Or other person/team of your choice) a different set of information.

  • Email owner the default notification of their machine
  • Email technical team additional information which may be extra info like vCPU and Memory


  • Must have notifications module licensed
  • Have configured notifications in the past or have a good understanding of how to do this
  • Have already configured your message server


Create Email notification group

  1. In your catalog, search for Manage notification email and click Request on Manage Notification Email Group Configuration - SobLabs Module

  2. On the next screen, Leave the action as Create (1), provide a meaningful Configuration label (2) and in the To: field, Enter the email address and click the green plus (3).  In this example, we want this to go to the owner so we will use the template engine and dynamically set this using {{ownerNameEmail}}
  3. Click on Submit
  4. Repeat these steps for the second email group. Example: Technical Team / other person as required

Creating a notification for each recipient type

  1. In your catalog (1), search for notification configuration (2) and click on Request (3) in Add Notification Configuration - SovLabs Modules
  2. In this we will leave the Type as VMLIFECYCLE
  3. In the Configuration Label, enter a meaningful name (1), In the State, choose the machine state that you wish to notify on (2)
  4. In the Message Type, Leave the Email as default and Format as text/html. NOTE: You can optionally select Text/Plain

  5. In the From address field, enter the email address that will be used to send from
  6. In the Title, you can update this to be different to the others, else leave defaults (1).  The Body of the email can also be updated or left as default (2).  
  7. Click on Message Server Configuration
  8. In the message server configuration, select your message server from the drop down box.
  9. In the Email Group Configuration, Select the appropriate email group you created, example:  OwnerEmail (1) then click on Submit (2)

  10. *** Repeat the above steps to create a second notification for the other recipient/team you want to receive.  Modify the body from step 6 to introduce different information. 
    See Additional information for links to how to add dynamic / additional information to your notification.

Create a notification Group

  1. In your catalog (1), search for notification group (2) and click on Request (3) in Add Notification Group - SovLabs modules
  2. In the configuration label, enter a meaningful name for this notification group.
  3. In the Type drop down, we will use the same type we did  when creating the Notification, which is VMLIFECYCLE
  4. In notifications, select the two notifications you configured. in my example, i created notifications named OwnerEmailNotification and TechTeamNotification. Place a check next to them both
  5. Click on Submit

Add the notification group to your blueprint

  1. In your blueprint design, click on Properties (1) → Property Groups (2) → and click on Add (3)

  2. Locate the SovLabs-NotificationGroup-<Tenant>_<NotificationName> and place a check in it (1) and click on OK (2)

  3. Click on Finish

  4. You have now added your notification to your blueprint

Test your notification

  1. Deploy your blueprint and validate that the emails are delivered to the owner and other team and confirm the details in each email are what is expected
  2. OWNER EMAIL (Note:  I appended the message subject for this email to show OWNER EMAIL to show the different email)

  3. TECHTEAM EMAIL (Note:  I appended the message subject for this email to show TECHTEAM to show the different email, You will also see that vCPU Count exists in this notification)

Additional information

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