Infoblox - vRealize Plugin and SovLabs Plugins Interoperability

When SovLabs plugins need to operate alongside an installation of the Infoblox IPAM plugin for vRealize Orchestrator there are some configuration changes that are required to ensure compatibility.


The Infoblox IPAM plugin is responsible for reserving and releasing IP addresses during the vRealize Automation lifecycle. With additional integration of Infoblox with DNS and DHCP services, it therefore can also be indirectly be responsible for DNS configuration for provisioned resources too. This means that an environment using this plugin may not require SovLabs IPAM or SovLabs DNS configuration.

The Infoblox IPAM plugin's documentation suggests use of Daily Hypervisor's (unsupported) Custom Hostname extension in order to fulfil requirements for custom naming. If this is installed it will conflict with the SovLabs Naming solution so should be removed if SovLabs Naming is to be used.  

Step-by-step guide

Some Infoblox properties need to be configured to ensure compatibility with SovLabs Custom Naming. This ensures the Infoblox plugin's compatibility workflows are enabled at all times.

These properties may be in an environment specific property group so you will need to check your blueprints where these properties are sourced from.

Infoblox.IPAM.enableCustomHostnameSet to 'TRUE'

The hostname will be entered into Infoblox initally with the vRealize Automation generated name during the Infoblox 'Allocate' workflow. Subsequently when the Infoblox 'Update' workflow executes, the Infoblox Host entry (or reservation) will be updated with the custom hostname generated by SovLabs Custom Naming.

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