ServiceNow Connector - Map a ServiceNow User to vRA "ownerName"


How to get the Deployment Owner in vRealize Automation(vRA) to be set to the ServiceNow Requester ID instead of the default service account.


  • You have a valid SovLabs vRA Extensibility Modules license with SovLabs ServiceNow Connector module included.
  • This only impacts blueprints that have been imported as ServiceNow Catalog Items via the SovLabs ServiceNow Connector plugin.


ServiceNow User account configuration

  1. Validate how the User appears in ServiceNow. Is the actual 'User ID' value different from what is used to login via vRA?

  2. If the ServiceNow 'User ID' differs from the vRA User account then the 'User Mappings' Tool can be set in ServiceNow. Navigate to SovLabs Application > User Mappings.  Add a User association between the ServiceNow account and the User Account name used to authenticate to vRA.  When using a domain account specify in UPN format. (ex.

  3. Validate the mapping is working correctly during a Request. This can be done by looking at the "user" String variable on the "Request vRA Catalog Item" workflow in vRO when requesting a mapped Catalog Item via ServiceNow.

    This Value for the 'user' variable corresponds to the User account we are attempting to lookup in vRA to be the Owner of the Deployment.

vRA Account validation

The vRA Property we are attempting to effect is "ownerName".  (Ex: "ownerName": "akardell2@{domain]")

  1. Validate the User Account at minimum has a User role in the Target "Business Group" and also an entitlement to the blueprint or vRA Service containing the blueprint that has been imported via ServiceNow Connector.

  2. Successful User mapping - When the vRA User Login is a string match to the User ID being sent from ServiceNow during a Catalog Item Request it will set the 'ownerName' Property of the vRA Deployment to that user account. It can also be viewed by logging into vRA as that user.

  3. Unsuccessful User mapping - If the User ID being sent from connector does not match a User account in vRA for the target business group or the User is not entitled to the blueprint the Catalog Item is mapped to, the request Ownership will default to the Service Account used to map the vRO connection.

    Example of vRO service account taking ownership:

Additional information

See SovLabs ServiceNow Connector Configuration.

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