HOWTO: Configure Job Engines To Run Specific Job-Type


  1. CloudBolt version 8.6 or newer 
  2. Understand and keep a note of the valid job types. Valid job types are:
    1. provision, decom, healthcheck, expire, servermodification, deploy_blueprint, install_pod, installapplications, uninstallapplications, syncvms, sync_svrs_from_pe, functionaltest, runautomations, runautomationactions, sync_users_from_ldap, run_flow, install_apps_with_connector, manage_nics, orchestration_hook, delete_snapshots

Configuration steps:

  1. Set an environment variable called CBJE_INCLUDE_JOB_TYPES to either a single job type or a comma-separated list of job types from the list of valid job types.
  2. Run the job engine
  3. On other job engines that you want to run all other job types, set the environment variable CBJE_EXCLUDE_JOB_TYPES to the same value as in step one.
  4. Run the job engine

Test Steps:

  1. Run jobs of several types to confirm that:
    1. they are all running properly
    2. the expected JE is running them

Warning: do not set both of those environment variables at the same time. The CB JE will respect both; so if you set them to the same value, the JE will run no jobs at all.



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