Puppet Agent Install Failure


The Puppet Enterprise action "Puppet_ent_2015.3_auto_install_agent" fails with the following error when a puppet agent run is already active.


Command returned stdout: [Notice: Run of Puppet configuration client already in progress; skipping (C:/ProgramData/PuppetLabs/puppet/cache/state/agent_catalog_run.lock exists)


Reference TT# 7046 - https://cloudboltsoftware.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/7046


The action "Puppet_ent_2015.3_auto_install_agent" was failing intermittently because an existing puppet agent run (puppet agent -t) was in progress.


The action "Puppet_ent_2015.3_auto_install_agent" was updated to not trigger a puppet agent run (puppet agent -t) during the agent installation process as a workaround.


Lines 130-143 in “Puppet_ent_2015.3_auto_install” were commented out. This omission essentially removes a triple check.

In other words, a typical installation would go as follows:

  • Agent gets installed
  • Certificate signed
  • Agent run forced (commented out too, but is scheduled to run on the server within 30 mins]

Additional modifications…

  1. Puppet_Puppet_ent_2015.3_auto_install_agent action was updated with the latest code in master that will be part of CB 8.8 


     2.  The auto install action was changed to use Polycom’s internal agent download from the Puppet Master

     3.  Timeout was increased to 600 seconds on all server.execute script calls



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