HOWTO: Upgrade Azure from Service Management to Resource Management

Azure's new Resource Manager provides a new way to deploy and manage your solutions. If you used the earlier Service Management model and want to learn about the changes, see Understanding Resource Manager deployment and classic deployment.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of the new Resource Manager, read the Azure Resource Manager overview.

Resource Handlers are available for both management systems within CloudBolt. They can co-exist, however virtual machines and networks managed under one model will not be visible or available under the other.

Many resource types will transition easily between the two management systems. The resource providers that differentiate between the two models are:

For these resource types, you must be aware of which version you are using because the supported operations will differ. If you are ready to migrate your resources to Resource Manager deployment, see Platform supported migration of IaaS resources from Classic to Azure Resource Manager.

Migrations can be performed a number of ways:

We will update the documentation as support evolves for both management systems.

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