HOWTO: Disable SSL on the CloudBolt Virtual Appliance

In some environments, it might be necessary or desirable to offload SSL processing to an external device. This configuration requires that SSL on the CloudBolt server be disabled for optimal performance and compatibility. This document describes the process of disabling SSL on the CloudBolt appliance.

By default the CloudBolt appliance all HTTP requests to HTTPS with the exception of a few URLs. Disabling this redirect effectively opens CloudBolt to HTTP access and removes the need for SSL and TCP port 443. To remove these redirects, edit /etc/httpd/conf.d/wsgi.conf as follows:

In the section that starts with <Directory /var/www/html/>, change the line:

RewriteEngine on


RewriteEngine off

Save your changes and restart httpd from the bash prompt with:

$ service httpd restart

You should now be able to login and work with CloudBolt without using HTTPS.


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