Does CloudBolt make any destructive changes when integrated with our public/private cloud?

The short answer: no.

When you create any Resource Handler (whether AWS, OpenStack, vCenter, etc.), all you're essentially doing is making a one-way connection. No changes are made in that external system.

Our philosophy around this is that CloudBolt can unify your various clouds/systems without assuming management of the underlying content (templates, keys, floating IPs, security groups, etc).  

Let's say you want to see how CloudBolt works with Amazon's AWS.  Creating an AWS resource handler simply makes CloudBolt aware of your instances and metadata such as AMIs, key names, security groups, and VPC subnets. Deleting this metadata in CloudBolt does not remove them from your EC2 account.

Destructive changes generally only involve removal of instances when you delete servers.  

Whenever we provide features to manage external content, such as deleting a server's NIC, we try to make sure it's clear that there will be impact outside of CloudBolt.

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