Pre-seed CloudBolt with LDAP/AD Users

I came up with the following procedure to pre-seed LDAP/AD users in CloudBolt:

1) Create a user account with some password (preferably very hard to guess).

2) Add this user to the desired CloudBolt groups

3) Note the ID of your AD connection. You'll see it in the URL, for instance in the following url...
  ...the ID is 43.

4) On the CloudBolt command line, run:
$ /opt/cloudbolt/ shell_plus

5) Load a reference of the LDAP/AD connection:
> ldap = LdapUtility.objects.get(id=43)

6) Then attach the ldap utility reference to each of your users using their CloudBolt ID:
> u = UserProfile.objects.get(id=20)
> u.ldap = ldap

Now when this user logs in using LDAP creds, the password entered at step 1 will be ignored for the AD password.

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