How to install Kubernetes

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CloudBolt 5.1 includes integration with Kubernetes as our first supported container orchestrator.  For folks to want to try out container management, but do not have Kubernetes installed yet, here are the steps to help get you started by installing a one-node Kubernetes as a VMware VM:

  1. create an OVA with CoreOS  (instructions)

  2. create an ISO with standalone.yaml (instructions)

  3. deploy the OVA, create a CD-ROM on it, mounted the iso on that, boot the VM

  4. hit enter on console a few times to figure out the IP address


At this point, you should be able to ssh to the box with:

ssh -i insecure_ssh_key <IP> -lcore

and check status with:

systemctl status user-configdrive.path

systemctl status user-configdrive.service


And you should see its API presented here:




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