Customization of Ubuntu 14.x servers with VMware

Unlike earlier versions of Ubuntu, VMware does not fully support customization of Ubuntu version 14.x. One symptom you may see is a failure during provisioning such as:

Hostname not set to expected value after 240 seconds.
Expected: bonds-web-server
Actual: ubuntu


CloudBolt however, can help you solve this problem. In order for the OS to recognize that its hostname has changed, the virtual machine must be rebooted. CloudBolt ships with an orchestration hook that allows you to do this as part of the provisioning process. To enable it in your CloudBolt environment:

  1. Navigate in the CloudBolt UI from the C2 Admin page to the Orchestration Hooks list page.
  2. Click on the hook titled "Reboot ubuntu servers" to go to the detail page for this hook.
  3. Click "Edit" then check the "Enable" box.


To learn more about writing CloudBolt Orchestration Hooks, see the Job Hook Development section of our Admin Manual or contact our support team directly.

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    Magnus Österlund


    I am getting a customisation error when adding a second nic during ubuntu v17.04 server deployment on a vSphere 6.5 as resource handler. 

    Customizing the server's network settings, including time zone, domain if applicable, and possibly setting Admin password

    Deployment is working perfect when using only one NIC. Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

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