Manually Sync Users from LDAP/AD

To automatically import users from an LDAP or AD  connection do the following. Note: this assumes there is one LDAP/AD connection setup on your instance of CloudBolt. If there are multiple, you may have to adjust the array index in line the "job_params.ldap = LDAPUtility.objects.all()[0]" to [1] or [2]. 

On the C2 server, run:

$ /opt/cloudbolt/ shell_plus

Once you get a prompt, enter the following commands line-by-line:

job_params = SyncUsersFromLdapParameters.objects.create()
job_params.ldap = LDAPUtility.objects.all()[0]
job_params.failure_email_address = GlobalPreferences.get().cbadmin_email
job = Job(type="sync_users_from_ldap", job_parameters=job_params )

This will create a job that will connect to your LDAP server and import the users matching the search filter you provided.

Also keep in mind, by default AD limits the number of results returned, so if you try to import 1000+ users, AD will issue an error. To fix this error, you'll need to adjust this setting in your AD server.


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    Arsen Baiatian


    I have 3 LDAP/AD connections and by connections I mean 3 different LDAP domain authentication settings for the same AD.
    When you say ""job_params.ldap = LDAPUtility.objects.all()[0]" to [1] or [2]" for the multiple AD connections, do you mean these connections that I described or something else. If these - please advise where I can see which [0], [1] or [2] is assigned to them because in the Admin GUI, they are listed without being numbered. And if not - please clarify what you mean.
    Also, if I want to update an existing user would I use "update" instead of "create" in the following?

    job_params = SyncUsersFromLdapParameters.objects.create()

    Thank you

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    Kevin Delaney

    I know this is an old post but can this method be adapted to map a single user from AD..?

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