Join Windows Host to AD Domain on Provision

Join Windows Host to AD Domain on Provision

Since CloudBolt utilizes the guest customization wizard provided by VMware, Windows guests on vCenter can be automatically joined to an AD domain when provisioned. In addition to creating the machine account, the guest will also be registered with the AD DNS host.

What You'll Need

  • AD service account credentials. This account should be able to register machine accounts.
  • A Windows vCenter template. This template MUST include the installed VMware Tools.

Joining the Domain

  1. Under Admin > LDAP Authentication Settings, click "New LDAP Utility" to create an instance connecting CloudBolt to your AD server.
  2. For any vCenter-backed environment that will provided Windows servers, add the parameter titled "Domain to Join (LDAPUtility)".
  3. After the parameter is added, click the "pencil" icon next to the text "Unconstrained" to open the parameter options dialog.
  4. At the bottom of the dialog, select the AD domain you linked to in step one and click "Add option".
  5. Now, when provisioning Windows servers in the selected environment, the vCenter will attempt to join the Windows server to the domain.

Be sure to let the VMware Tools report that they are complete. This usually includes a couple automatic reboots. To test that the procedure worked, simply lookup your guest hostname in DNS. 


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    Tor Peck

    This option is working fine, but is it possible to have the creation the server is a specific ou?

    Other then the default "Computers"

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