Pass Class Parameters to Puppet

Pass Class Parameters to Puppet

Because CloudBolt serves as an ENC to connected Puppet servers, CloudBolt can pass parameters to Puppet when classes are applied. These parameters are user-defined in CloudBolt as parameters whose names are prefixed with puppet_. The description is not used by Puppet. Like any CloudBolt parameter, these can be attached to environments, groups, or globally. When the parameter is passed to Puppet, the puppet_ prefix is removed, e.g. a CloudBolt parameter named 'puppet_smtp_host' is passed to Puppet as 'smtp_host'

"Show on Server" parameters can be particularly useful for providing users with the ability to change configuration values from the Server management view in CloudBolt. After changing these values, Puppet will apply the change on the next agent run.


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    Lars Bjerke

    How can we use Puppet facts within Cloudbolt server scripts.        For instance if I wanted to use a puppet fact as part as a argument for a Server Action,  what would my argument {{ template }} look like?

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