Silent Failure of Windows Guest Customization with VMware


A Windows server (guest VM) provisioned with a VMware resource handler does not seem to be customized even though C2 reports customization success. For example, the requested IP address isn't set on the guest and the guest is not joined to the requested domain.


  • Try provisioning and customizing the guest without using C2. Use vCenter instead. If the problem persists, the issue may be with your template or some VMware component.

  • Ensure your template uses current VMware Tools.

  • Use the Guest OS Customization Support Matrix to ensure that your version of vCenter supports customizing your guest OS.

  • Try again with a different template. Vary the version of Windows being customized.

  • Look for clues in the log file created on the guest during customization. The log file is located at C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-imc\guestcus.

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    Great troubleshooting ideas.  Another useful step can be checking the job log on the CloudBolt server - /var/log/cloudbolt/jobs/<jobid>.log.  That has the exact command that CB runs to customize the guest, and that can be run from the command line alone to reproduce the behavior and test without having to completely rebuild the VM.

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