Firewall Error from Console


The following error message is displayed after attempting to open a console to a server from CloudBolt C2:

Attempt to find a free TCP port from CloudBolt to ESX server <ESX HOST> took too long.  There is likely a firewall between CloudBolt and ESX.  Tried ports 7004-7009.


  1. Log into the vCenter web application that your VM resides. 
  2. Navigate to the summary pane for your VM in vCenter and note the ESXI Host listed in the host category.
  3. Navigate to the configuration for the ESXi Host name found from step 2.
  4. Select the "Manage" tab, select "Settings", and then select the "Security Profile" listed under the System dropdown. 
  5. Open the Firewall properties with the "Edit" button.
  6. Check to enable "VM serial port connected over network".

 If the Error Still Occurs

  1. ssh to the CloudBolt server
  2. telnet <ESX host IP> 7000

Repeat step 2 for each of your ESX hosts.

If you get a connection timeout when trying to do that, then this is the problem that CB is seeing and there's either a FW on ESX or between CB and ESX.

If instead you get a connection refused, then (in all likelyhood) CB can actually reach the ESX server and ESX is responding that that port is not open, which is okay. If this is the case, CB should not be returning that error message.


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