Non-VPC AWS Environments in C2

Starting in CloudBolt 4.5, C2 will no longer create/manage non-VPC environments.  AWS has been phasing these out and CloudBolt is following suit.

If you still need to add an environment in C2 to discover, provision, and manage instances that are not in a VPC, you can follow these steps:

  1. create an environment in C2 for that region and pick any VPC (we will be removing the VPC association next)
  2. ssh to the C2 server as root
  3. run '/opt/cloudbolt/ shell_plus' and run the following commands:
    1. e = Environment.objects.get(id=X)    (replacing the 'X' with the ID of your environment, as seen in the URL when you are looking at the environment details in C2)
    2. e.custom_field_options.remove(e.custom_field_options.filter(field__name="vpc_id").first())
    3. e.custom_fields.remove(e.custom_fields.filter(name="vpc_id")[0])
  4. back in the C2 web UI, look at the environment details, it should no longer have a VPC ID
  5. rename your environment to remove the reference to the VPC from its name
  6. in the "AWS Parameters" tab for the environment, re-import the options
  7. in the "Networks" tab, remove all network options

After these steps, you should be able to discover, provision, and manage non-VPC instances for that region.

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