CloudBolt Appliance Monitoring Guidelines



CloudBolt appliance runs an industry standard "LAMP"-type stack consisting of Linux, Python, MySQL, and Apache and as such, industry standard monitoring guidelines for LAMP should be followed.  This document will describe where applicable all processes and ports of particular interest to ensure the health of the CloudBolt appliance.

Operating System

CentOS - Linux distro based on RedHat source.

Minimal Recommended Monitoring

  • Disk Space - The CloudBolt appliance ships with a single logical volume partition.  If your cloudbolt appliance differs, make sure to monitor the partitions where /var/log/, /var/opt/, /var/www/, /opt/ and /var/lib/mysql/ reside
  • CPU and Memory Usage - Basic usage and load monitoring, applies.
  • Open File Descriptors - On CentOS the default hard limit for max number of open file descriptors is 4096. This is the case on OVAs shipped prior to Oct/2014. While 4096 sounds like a lot, it may not be enough. File descriptors represent not only file system files, but dynamically loaded libraries, temporary resources created by processes, etc.

           To compare the number of open file descriptors with the max available run:

#sysctl fs.file-nr


For more info on file descriptors:


MySQL - Standard MySQL distribution with connection limited to localhost only, so there is no need to monitor specific port availability.

Minimal Recommended Monitoring

  • MySQL Availability and Status - To check mysql status, run:

#mysqladmin -u root -p <secret_password> extended-status

  • Database Processes Running - To list mysql processes, run:

#mysqladmin -u root -p <secret_password> processlist


Web Server

Apache + mod_wsgi - Apache serves static and dynamic content over HTTP or HTTPS.  The mod_wsgi submodule processes Python 2.7 WSGI requests, which are delegated to the Django application framework.

Minimal Recommended Monitoring

  • At the very least, it should be monitored that apache is running and answering to requests on both port 80 and 443.  Starting with version 4.6.1, CloudBolt will enable apache’s built in mod_status reporting that could be used as part of the monitoring process.  For more information on mod_status and to enable it for versions prior to 4.6.1, go to



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