Vital Information and Known Issues


The following is a collection of content hosted in the CloudBolt Knowledgebase or Docs dealing with common requests and issues.


Please see below for the most up to date list of emergent issues that are actively under investigation by CloudBolt. When resolved, they will be mentioned in Recently Resolved Issues (below) and will appear in our published Release Notes.

  • Upgrade to 8.2 fails if using a custom database name
  • Ordering nested BluePrint from API does not include sub-blueprint items. Bug#158613750
  • Interactive Servers Report table does not update correctly as above chart is filtered
  • Sub-Blueprints are not being passed in the context for blueprint actions
  • Radius authentication dictionary has issues with Unicode keys
  • Potential memory leak with DEBUG

Issues with Workarounds

  • Celery Processes fail to start jobs: We are aware of an issue in CloudBolt 7.7 versions where the Job engine runs out of memory and its workers hang.  To resolve this restart the celeryd service and workers completely.

  • Global Search Fails to Find Servers: We are aware of an issue in CloudBolt 7.4 where searches (using the global search tool in the toolbar) fails to find servers when a partial hostname is entered, but that searches for a full hostname work. Instead, use the Servers list page and search for your servers there. #151526469
  • Managing User Profiles:  version 9.1 and possibly 9.2 present an error in the UI when saving changes to Global Roles stating there was an error that references 'email' when trying to save Global Role changes such as adding/deleting "Super Admin" access on a user account.  A work-around for this issue is to use shell_plus to make the changes to the user profile. A supported fix is available for this issue, but it has not been regression tested.


These issues have been resolved in the listed version of the product. They are also mentioned in our published Release Notes.

Issues Resolved in 7.7:

7.7 Release Notes

Issues Resolved in Release Notes


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