Preparing the CloudBolt OVA for Deployment in OpenStack

To convert the CloudBolt OVA to an image suitable for deployment we first need to install qemu-img to perform the conversion. You can use brew to install qemu-img on macOS, or your favorite Linux package manager. Next, extract the vmdk file contained within the OVA file:

$ tar xvf cloudbolt-latest.ova

One of the files from the above extraction is called CloudBolt-6.2-disk1.vmdk where the version is dependent on the version of CloudBolt you've downloaded.

At this point, we can convert the vmdk file to a qcow2 image for use in OpenStack:

$ qemu-img convert -O qcow2 CloudBolt-*.vmdk cloudbolt.qcow2

The end result is a new image file called cloudbolt.qcow2 that is ready for import into OpenStack. This will not include CPU, Disk, and Memory metadata. For a production instance of CloudBolt we recommend you'd allocate at a minimum of 2 CPUs, 8 GB or RAM and 50 GB of storage.



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